When you trust Tattersalls Real Estate to sell your property, it’s not just about making a sale, it’s about achieving the very best price from the market that we can get for you. Our experienced team is committed to doing more and going that extra mile to ensure we deliver superior results with a six star service experience.

We appreciate that selling your home can be stressful and our team is here to help and guide you along the way. We’ll keep you informed, from the very first open inspection we’ll let you know your buyer’s feedback and thoughts, right through to settlement and beyond.

We are able to leverage our extensive knowledge, market insights and expertise, all with the aim of getting you the best price possible. Sometimes the right decision might be to hold out for a better offer -you need a trusted partner that can provide you with transparent advice with a 360 degree view. We are more than just your typical suburban real estate agency. Tattersalls Real Estate represents a trusted and transparent real estate partner committed to your success.

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We know property and we know how to sell them for more.

These days it’s not good enough to simply sell your property. The reality is that most agents would be able to sell your property. The question you need to ask yourself when you’re looking to appoint an agent is, “who’s going to get me the best possible price?” It’s likely your largest asset and a big determiner of your financial security, so why simply appoint your local agent, just because they’re local. We encourage you to think local when it comes to buying simple things like bread and milk, but when it comes to the security of your family’s financial future, it’s time to think, “who’s going to get you the best result?”

To get the very best result, you need a team of specialists. An effective marketing campaign is just one aspect of a successful sales campaign. For us, that is just the start. Our approach covers aspects beyond the capacity of your typical suburban real estate agent such as zoning insights, development potential, prevailing interest rates and changes, applicable LVR’s to your property type and much, much more. To see just one example of how this approach will deliver you superior results, ask yourself the question, “how many homes would be sold each year if there weren’t any home loans?” That’s why we have our own in-house finance team, because a better rate, a more generous LVR or more flexible loan structure can be the difference between a buyer paying your full asking price or not being able to make an offer at all.

To get the best result you need more than just a single sales person. You need a team, not the superficial franchise network teams or simple referral arrangements. We’re talking hands-on, in-house specialists whose satisfaction is directly derived from your success. When you employ Tattersalls, you are not just employing the one agent, you are employing a team of specialists capable of getting you the very best price.

The real estate industry has undergone enormous change over the last twenty years. Previously, the customer had very few options when it came to finding a home. They typically bought whatever properties were offered by those agents that were located within a reasonable distance of their home and the only visibility they had was dependent upon the marketing messages those agents chose to push out. They are what traditional agents refer to as, “the good ol’ days.” It was hard for buyers to do any sort of price comparison or product research. Instead, you had to trust what the agent was saying. This world was completely turned on its head by the internet, and now the customer holds a lot of the cards. Today everyone has online access to listings that can be searched and filtered on an array of features. They have all the latest pricing statistics, local sales data, last sold price and much more, just the same information a traditional suburban real estate agent has.

Most typical agents today spend a large portion of their time prospecting for listings that are invariably mispriced and waste time. You know… the typical over the top market appraisal to win the listing and then subsequent talking you down to accept a lower offer. Or worse still, pushing an undervalued offer just to secure a quick sale. The suburban real estate agency model is quickly dying – expensive high street locations that operate 9-5 are now redundant. Your real buyers aren’t walking down high street looking in real estate shop windows and they want to be able to schedule after-hours appointments that suit them.

We know who your buyers are, and we go above and beyond to ensure each of them has every opportunity to secure your property with their very best offer.

We know who your buyers are, and we know where to find them. From overseas investors, to local first home buyers, each property needs a tailored and individualised approach. We know how to capture your audience, foster and encourage competitive bids and afford them every assistance to make sure they are able to present their best and strongest offer. Many suburban real estate agents rely on out of date buyers databases and magazines, or peddle propaganda about franchise referral networks. In doing so, they are doing their clients a disservice. It’s naive to think buyers that are looking to make one of the most costly and emotional purchases of their life, are too lazy or incapable of seeking out a property that will suit them. Buyers these days are often sophisticated, technology savvy and can just as quickly price compare and shop for the latest gadget from overseas, as find suitable property listings in a particular area and filter them according to bedroom size, distance to certain amenity, parking and a whole lot more.

Buyers want more than spam emails notifying them of another unsuitable property that an agent is having trouble selling. They want to be informed, they want genuine service and they want every opportunity to secure a property. Refer to our Buyers page to appreciate how our unique service to buyers can generate better results for you.

Trust & Integrity. Transparency & Communication.

These are critical concepts that are at the forefront of our culture. We start by treating every property like it was our own, and we provide you with all the information we would want to know if our roles were reversed.

What are you looking for in an agent?

If your agent is unlikely to be able to answer the following basic questions, then give us a call, because we will have the answers.

  • How are pending interest rate changes going to affect my sales campaign?
  • Who are my buyers?
  • What is the highest and best use for the property given the current zoning?
  • What LVR is a buyer typically going to be able to get for my property and how will this influence my sales strategy?

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