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Tattersalls Real Estate Residential Property Management

  • 4.4% + 1 weeks letting fee with no hidden extras.
  • Our local area managers currently service: The Hills, Hawkesbury, Penrith & Blue Mountains, Parramatta & Inner West, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, CBD & Surrounds, Upper & Lower North Shore, Central Coast, Newcastle, The Hunter & Central West.
  • Changing from your current property manager is simple, all you need to do is fill in one form and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Rent guarantee up to 4 weeks.
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The correct management of your investment property is essential to maintain the future value and performance of your investment. Tattersalls Real Estate understands the importance of this concept and makes this the focus of everything we do.

We take care of all your property management tasks, from finding and screening tenants to recommending and performing periodic maintenance, we constantly strive to protect your investment by treating each property as if it were our own.

We utilise the most up to date management software which allows us to accurately track all aspects of your tenants and your property, and provide you with accurate and up to date reporting. We believe in communication and we will keep you updated on any issues that may arise.

We keep your property maintained, we keep you informed and we keep your investment performing. We believe this is how we can best serve you.

It’s no secret that in your typical local suburban real estate office, property management is the poor cousin to the sales team. The suburban real estate agency model is quickly dying – expensive high street locations that operate 9-5 are now redundant. Your tenants aren’t walking down high street looking in real estate shop windows and they want to be able to schedule after-hours appointments that suit them.

At Tattersalls Real Estate, we have a dedicated asset management division with best in class systems and results. Our experienced team is committed to doing more and going that extra mile to ensure we deliver superior results with a six star service experience. While our approach is local, our reach is national as we are not defined by conventional suburb boundaries. Through our affiliates our team works on a national scale, covering Sydney right through to Perth. We are able to leverage our extensive knowledge, market insights and expertise, all with the aim of delivering superior results for our clients. When you employ Tattersalls, you are not just employing the one agent, you are employing a team of specialists to look after your property as if it were their own.

Trust & Integrity. Transparency & Communication.

These are critical concepts that are at the forefront of our culture. We start by treating every property like it was our own, and we provide you with all the information we would want to know if our roles were reversed.

We are more than just your typical suburban real estate agency. Tattersalls Real Estate represents a trusted and transparent real estate partner committed to your success.

what’s involved?

We find the best tenants.

We subscribe to the leading internet portals and have an integrated software solution that allows your ad to be uploaded and live within the hour. We can receive and process applications directly from these portals and filter out any unsuitable tenants. We know where to find your next tenants and are experienced at determining who the property will best suit to ensure the best chance of long term tenures.

We personally escort every prospective tenant through your property.

It is the policy of our company that all prospective tenants are personally escorted through your property – this is either via a group or private inspection.

We check and double-check every application.

Every application is thoroughly checked and double-checked for accuracy. We perform extensive reference checks, background examinations and tenancy database checks.

We prepare all the documents required to commence your tenancy

All necessary documents required to commence the tenancy are prepared in house. These include the Residential Tenancy Agreement and the drafting of any special conditions that may be required.

Collect rent and manage any arrears

To ensure a stable cash flow for your investment, it is important that a proactive role is taken to rent collection. While some managers are happy to sit back and hope everyone pays their rent, we take a more pro-active approach which has proven to deliver a far superior result for our investors. We Direct Debit payments straight from the tenant’s account which ensures rents are never forgotten and any missed payments are able to be chased up and remedied immediately. Our owners love the reliability and our tenants appreciate the convenience. We even employ credit card facilities so there’s never any excuse for a late water bill or rent payment.

Tenant orientation and service connections

If you treat tenants with respect, we find a more cooperative and productive relationship is formed. That’s why we go that extra mile to make sure they’re happy and settled in well to their new home. We provide an orientation and introduction to the property and even help them with any service connections such as phone, power, Foxtel and internet services so they feel right at home from the very first day.


While not expected, you can rest easy that our team is fully equipped to deal with the toughest and most delicate of situations. Should the day come that you ever need your rights enforced or remedies taken through the Tenancy Tribunal, then rest easy that we’re on your side with fully versed and experienced representation.

We prepare a statement of all income and costs each and every month

Our easy-to-read monthly statement is forwarded to you every Month, showing all relevant income and expenses.

We transfer your rent money each
and every month

Your money is banked into your bank account every month - this means that you can access the money as “cleared funds” immediately, with no waiting for cheques to clear.

We look after all aspects of maintenance at your property

Every time your tenant reports a maintenance problem it is addressed promptly. We are conscious not to unnecessarily trouble you with incidental matters, however you will be advised if deemed necessary or should a cost need to be incurred.

We inspect your property to ensure that it is being properly maintained

Our company has a system of property inspections second-to-none. We guarantee an internal inspection of your property within the first 90 days of each tenancy (followed immediately with a written report and photos of our findings). After that we will inspect the property, up to 4 times every 12 months and provide you with a written report and photos after each inspection.

We can pay all outgoings on your behalf

For your convenience, we can attend to the payment of water rates, council rates, strata levies, insurance premiums and maintenance costs to list a few. Having us pay your bills from your rent monies from time to time (such as rates) allows you to keep the accounting of all expenses in the same place and produced in the end of financial year expense report for your accountant.

Comprehensive financial reporting

At the end of every financial year we will prepare and issue an end-of-year summary for your property. These reports are designed so that your accountant can easily prepare any personal taxation documentation that may be required at this time of the year.

our features

How do we go about screening prospective tenants?

A personal face to face meeting with an experienced manager, along with tireless referencing and investigation forms the backbone of our unique Tenancy Checking Process.

It starts with our thorough and comprehensive Tenancy Application form and checklist. This process ensures our team check on the tenant’s current employment, previous employment, current rental history, previous rental history and all personal references and activities.

In addition we check the tenant’s history on Tenancy Databases which maintain a database of many thousands of tenants in Australia and can often identify a tenant with a poor rental history before they take occupation of your property.

We look into various aspects of the tenants past and present life. We look for inconsistencies with the addresses we’ve been provided against addresses listed on their previous water bills, drivers license etc. and we look across a number of areas for inconsistencies and hints of deception. We utilise a number of different public and private sources of information which enables us to put together a comprehensive picture of the tenant.

At the conclusion of this process we are able to determine tenant suitability regarding the proposed tenant’s ability to pay the required rent and their likelihood of correctly maintaining your valuable investment-property.

How do we keep an eye on the condition of our property?

We have a unique system of property inspections that ensures you stay in control of your property. This primarily involves a combination of routine internal inspections, coupled with random curb-side inspections. These curb-side inspections can provide us useful updates such as, are the lawns and garden being maintained, are the tenants parking on the lawn. Furthermore, they can provide us useful insight into other important factors such as, are there any signs of pets visible or if extra occupants are being housed (if an extra car is often located at property).

We will conduct a thorough internal inspection of your property within the first 90 days of each tenancy. After this initial inspection we can assess how your tenant is maintaining your property. If they are not keeping the property as we would expect, we will issue a letter to the tenant and re-inspect the property within a short period to ensure our directions have been undertaken. If, on the other hand, the property is being well maintained we may recommend that a re-inspection not occur again for, perhaps, 3 or 6 months.

After each internal inspection you will receive a written report with photos on our findings. In this way, with regular updates by phone and email, you will be kept fully informed as to the condition of your property.

How will we keep you up-to-date?

 Investing in property can be a worrying experience for many people. Many property investors live a great distance from their investment and so it can be a great comfort to know that your agent has a system that ensures a high level of communication between the property owner and the agent. Certainly, we will not trouble you with trivial matters, however we will telephone you when and if there is a change in circumstances at your property, but in addition we have a comprehensive email communication system that can keep you up to date at all times along with an up to date online portal which provides you a variety of information all at your fingertips and that is available anytime of the night or day.

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considering changing agents?

Changing from your current property manager is simple. All you need is a simple form which allows us to take care of all the paperwork and ensure a smooth transition.

An inferior manager not only affects you with a sub-standard service, they might be costing you money. Did you know that one of the leading causes of disgruntled tenants leaving was an inadequate service from their property manager?

When did you last hear from your property manager? You might like to consider some of the following questions…

  • Are you being charged unnecessary fees like those annoying penny-pinching few dollars every month that are added on for things like postage that should simply be included? Or re-letting fees when tenants are simply renewing?
  • When did you last hear from your agent?
  • Is your agent using direct debit, if not why not?
  • Is your tenant constantly in arrears?
  • When did your agent last contact you to pro-actively suggest a rent increase?
  • Does your agent pay your outgoings for you?
  • When was the last inspection carried out and were you issued a report with photos?

Tattersalls Real Estate Property Management

Our Local Area Managers currently service:

The Hills Hawkesbury Penrith & Blue Mountains Parramatta and Inner West
Northern Beaches Eastern Suburbs CBD & Surrounds Upper & Lower North Shore
Central Coast Newcastle The Hunter & Central West