Landlords Co-management

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Property Co-management

With Tattersalls Real Estate by your side, you now have the opportunity to take a more hands on role in the management of your property. Know exactly who is in your most valued asset, ensure it is being cared for as it should and save substantially on agent fees. All the features and security of a full service property management team but with your input where it matters most.

It’s one of your most valuable assets. It deserves your attention.

You might be wondering...Can I do this, is it suitable for me? 

Don’t worry. It’s not DIY, it’s DIT -Do it together. We will be with you managing your property much like a traditional Landlord-Agent relationship would typically work. Anyone with an interest and an inclination to have more control over their investment and save substantially on agent’s fees is sure to love this.


The 2 main differences

1. You get to attend the inspections -at times that suit you. This allows you to see the applicants for yourself and then subsequently carry out routine inspections to ensure you’re happy with how your elected tenants are looking after your property.

2. Instead of us taking a phone call or email about a repair and then calling you to tell you about it, you just take the call or email directly. This allows you to ask questions and get to the bottom of the problem, so you can then decide on the best course of action.


Want an extra $30, $40 or $50 rent in your pocket each week? 

That’s how much extra you could be paying your current agent, and for what? A few extra phone calls or emails a year and for attending a few inspections that a lot of Landlords already attend or would like to attend in any case.


It's no secret...

management is the poor cousin to the sales team. The suburban real estate agency model is quickly dying – expensive high street locations that operate 9-5 are now redundant. Your tenants aren’t walking down high street looking in real estate shop windows and they want to be able to schedule after-hours appointments that suit them.

Giving you more control where it matters most.

At Tattersalls Real Estate, 

we have a dedicated asset management division with best in class systems and results. Our experienced team is committed to doing more and going that extra mile to ensure we deliver superior results with a six star service experience. While our approach is local, our reach is national as we are not defined by conventional suburb boundaries.

We utilise the most up to date management software

which allows us to accurately track all aspects of your tenants and your property, and provide you with accurate and up to date reporting. We believe in communication and we will keep you updated on any issues that may arise.

Our team works on a national scale, covering Sydney right through to Perth. We are able to leverage our extensive knowledge, market insights and expertise, all with the aim of delivering superior results for our clients. When you employ Tattersalls, you are not just employing the one agent, you are employing a team of specialists to look after your property as if it were their own.

How it works

Advertising and Rental Assessment

We provide you with a current market report so you can make an informed decision regarding the rental amount you want advertised.

You provide us photographs, property specifications and copy and we do the rest! We will advertise your investment online using and

Open Inspections & Tenant Selection

Our landlords receive direct contact from the online advertising and receive all the email enquiries from prospective tenants. From here you can then arrange inspections at a mutually convenient time. Once you have an interested applicant, you have access to application forms and all the necessary tools to make an informed decision on the right applicant. We do the hard part by supporting you with thorough Tenancy Database Checks and Comprehensive Background Checks to ensure the best and most secure choice for you.

Leasing & Ingoing Reports

We take care of preparing the Residential Tenancy Agreement for you and the drafting of any special conditions that may be required. We will also provide you with a detailed template with instructions on how to conduct the Ingoing Condition Report so you have a comprehensive record of the Ingoing Condition of your property. The same goes for when your tenants lease end, we support you with the template to conduct an outgoing inspection along with the instructions.

Rent Payments, Bond Collection

Tattersalls processes your tenants initial holding deposit, bond lodgement and ongoing rental payments via direct debit. We also take care of any rental arrears through direct contact with your tenant, via phone and email correspondence. If your tenant falls behind in rent by 8 days, will be notified and walked through the correct processes on how to proceed with recovery. We will also assist with Breach Notices for arrears or Termination Notices for arrears should they not be corrected by 14 days in arrears.

Service Connections

We aid your tenant with service connections such as phone, power, Foxtel and internet services so they feel right at home from the very first day.

Routine Inspections

Prepared for you and provided in your Welcome "Tool-kit" are templates for you to conduct your own quarterly/bi-annually or yearly Routine Inspections as well as Maintenance request forms. This is a great way for you to connect with your tenant and also a face-to-face opportunity for the tenant to advise you of any maintenance or repair requirements.

Lease Renewals

You will be sent a notification and current market report when it comes time to renew your tenants lease so you can make an informed decision about the current market rent that is achievable to help maximise your returns.


For your convenience, Tattersalls can invoice your tenants for their water usage and any repairs or maintenance incurred during their tenancy, all you need to do is send us the paid invoice and we do the rest.


When you come across an issue with your tenant, while not ideal, tough issues can arise from time to time and we are fully equipped to guide you through the most delicate of situations with our sound knowledge of Tenancy Legislation. We will be right there with you so you we can discuss all the options available to you. Tattersalls can also assist with Tribunal preparation and attendance should the need arise.


Our easy to read monthly statement is emailed to you every month, showing all the relevant income and expenses.

We transfer your rent money each and every month

Your money is banked into your bank account every month meaning that you can access the money as “cleared funds” immediately, with no waiting for cheques to clear.

 Comprehensive Financial Reporting

At the end of every financial year we will prepare and issue an end-of-year summary for your property. These reports are designed so that your accountant can easily prepare any personal taxation documentation that may be required at this time of the year.

Our features

We support you through finding a quality tenant 

After your personal face to face meeting with your prospective tenants we support you in selecting a quality tenant with a thorough and comprehensive application form and checklist. This process ensures proactive checks on a tenant’s current employment, previous employment, current and previous rental history and all personal references and activities.


In addition to this, we use Equifax which is Australia’s most comprehensive tenant screening service – driven by Australia’s largest and most up to date data bureau. The tenancy report gives you a detailed picture of a prospective tenant to help avoid monetary loss and other costly issues that can arise down the track.

The Tenancy check provides –

  • Factual Identity Verification - protecting you from identity fraud.
  • Tenant background – providing past tenant history flagging irregular payments, broken lease conditions, money owing or damages, and termination notices and much, much more to ensure you make an educated decision about your tenant.


We will guide you through what to look out for in terms of “red flags” with potential applicants, inconsistencies and hints of deception.

At the conclusion of this process you are able to make a confident and well-informed decision on a suitable tenant’s ability to pay the required rent and their likelihood of currently maintaining your valuable investment property.

There every step of the way

Investing in property can be a worrying experience for many people. We are here to help you manage your investment every step of the way. This fresh new take on Property Management ultimately just gives you the opportunity to be more “hands on”. Apart from providing you with guidance and support we prepare a statement of all income and costs each and every month. An easy-to-read monthly statement is forwarded to you every month, showing all relevant income and expenses.

We do the heavy lifting for you

All the aspects that a landlord would normally find daunting about renting out their property is where we come in. You get access to advertising on the main Realestate platforms such as and A signboard at the front of the property to notify neighbours and passers-by. Collection of Rent through Direct Debit. Arrears management and detailed templates for Applications, Ingoing Inspections, Routine Inspections and Outgoing inspections.

Considering a change?

Take a moment to think what you are actually already doing yourself to stay connected to your investment and consider why you are paying extra for services you are already performing yourself. Are you already attending inspections? Want to be more connected with your tenants?  Organising your own repairs and maintenance?

When did you last hear from your Property Manager? You might like to consider some of the following questions...

  • Are you being charged unnecessary fees like those annoying penny-pinching few dollars every month that should simply be included?
  •  Is your agent using direct debit, if not why not?
  • Is your tenant constantly in arrears?
  • When was the last property inspection carried out?


Changing from your current Property Manager is simple. All you need is a simple form that we can send you which allows us to assist you with a smooth transition.